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Take the Next Step to Control Drug Spend

As health systems struggle to regain their financial footing, pharmacy departments face intense pressure to control drug spend. This means closely managing your medication formulary to help ensure high-quality, low-cost care.

Doing so requires the use of clinical evidence and insight from utilization and spend analytics. With Lumere’s Evidence-Based Formulary Management Maturity Curve, you can assess the current state of your formulary management process and ensure that you’re making the best data-driven decisions for your patients and for the bottom line.


Evidence-Based Formulary Management

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Lumere’s new eBook, Evidence-Based Formulary Management, uses the Maturity Curve as a foundation to take an in-depth look at cost-cutting and care optimization strategies in four key areas:

  • Data /analysis
  • Governance process
  • Role of pharmacists
  • Documentation and compliance

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