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Lumere Pharmacy Solutions

Evidence-Based Formulary Management

Complimentary Access Application

Accelerate evidence-based formulary management, P&T and Medication Utilization Evaluation efforts with clinical insights and evidence-driven analytics. 

"Lumere’s analysis of evidence available in the literature is impressive, and when they combine that with our data, it gives us the insight we need to address utilization issues before they become serious problems.“

—Director of Pharmacy, Asante

Constantly rising prescription drug prices—often unrelated to a medication’s actual value or demonstrated outcomes—are compromising hospitals’ ability to deliver value-based care while remaining competitive. 

Lumere’s Pharmacy Solutions bring medication management to an entirely new level by applying evidence-based, clinically relevant information to your data—providing you with actionable strategies for solving drug spend and utilization challenges. 

Drug Evidence Library

Lumere’s drug evidence library gives access to information on thousands of drug profiles, drug groups, and in-depth literature reviews. Every drug evidence report employs an exhaustive review of therapeutic alternatives, including an evaluation of peer-reviewed literature and ongoing clinical trials. Additionally, our research includes the review of non-published evidence, such as preliminary trial results often reported through conference proceedings, terminated clinical trials, and clinical trial results submitted to the FDA during the product approval process in order to highlight any potential publication bias. 

Our research library enables hospital pharmacy teams to efficiently perform the following:

  • Evidence reviews for formulary additions such as new drug requests
  • Product profile information for building drug monographs
  • Evidence reviews for medication use evaluation (MUE)
  • Literature gathering for ad hoc questions from clinical staff

Utilization Management

Utilization Management transforms your organization’s spend and utilization from disparate data sources combining it with the relevant clinical evidence. Our indication-based drug analyses and evidence-based strategies enable health systems to identify and prioritize clinically-relevant opportunities that reduce costs without compromising quality.

Our analytics enables hospital pharmacy teams to quickly gain insights into the following:

  • Evidence-backed opportunity identification with savings forecasting for initiative planning  
  • Comparison of drugs’ financial and evidence within specific indications to support MUE
  • Detailed analysis and comparisons of spend, volume, facility variation, and acquisition pricing of drugs 
  • Prescriber analysis at the individual drug and drug group level to understand the variation between specialties and individuals
  • Indication-based analysis of drugs used to understand appropriate and inappropriate utilization

Savings Strategies

Lumere’s drug strategy library combines your organization’s spend and utilization information with the clinical research recommendations to provide a financial savings forecast. Based on the clinical research,  our drug strategy library identifies actions for cost-saving considerations.  

  • Formulary deletion: clinical evidence overwhelmingly suggests formulary deletion of a specific drug where appropriate alternatives are available
  • Therapeutic interchange:  standardizing to the lower cost drug product(s) which research indicates are clinically superior alternatives 
  • Dose Optimization: utilization-based strategy indicating savings estimates based on dose limitations for a particular drug (i.e.: move from weight-based dosing to a fixed-dose for all patients)
  • Use-restrictions by indication:  based on the clinical evidence, recommendations to restrict the use of a drug (or drugs) in a specific patient population defined by indication 

P&T Workflow: Lumere Requests, Projects & Committees 

Processes to manage P&T are notoriously fragmented and inefficient. Fortunately, the Lumere solution provides an antidote to unsystematic evaluation protocols: Workflow. Workflow ensures that clinician product requests are streamlined and that all of your teams and committees are rigorously conducting the right analyses to make appropriate decisions.

Working in tandem with Lumere's research and analytical capabilities, Workflow acts as a centralized tool for overseeing and/or engaging with P&T tasks. When a clinician requests a medical device or drug, the product can be immediately approved, rejected, or assigned to a project for further evaluation.

The Workflow capability allows you to:

  • Log all new requests and other cost savings projects using a web-based application with best-practice layouts
  • Facilitate collaboration among all stakeholders (e.g., physicians, pharmacists, P&T teams, administrative leaders)
  • Collect and share key data for analysis and voting
  • Automate and customize reporting of key performance indicators

Workflow is categorized into three components: requests, projects, and committees. Regarding the evaluation process, the ideal Workflow methodology can be summed up the following way:

  • Requests –initiate a simple and streamlined evaluation process for a drug that may benefit your organization in regards to spend, medical efficacy, or other important factors. Unlike the traditional—and notoriously hard to manage—paper forms that clinicians have traditionally relied upon, the Lumere solution makes it simple to submit, review, and track your organization's product requests in one place.
  • Projects –facilitate all product-related evaluations within the Lumere solution. Within a project, you can build financial models and compare alternatives to existing products, as well as capture and maintain a full record of all analyses, notes, and decisions related to the overall product evaluation.
  • Committees - Setting up a committee on the Lumere solution allows you to track, communicate, and deliberate with everyone involved in the decision-making process for one or more projects. 

Lumere is focused on accelerating health system efforts to eliminate unwarranted variation and waste. Our support model is designed to ensure users are leveraging the capabilities of our technology and the expert resources available at Lumere. Each client is assigned a Dedicated Advisor and Executive Partner to ensure your organization is deriving maximum value from the partnership.