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We’re in this together!

Information to Aid in Sourcing Supply Alternatives Required to Battle COVID-19

During this challenging time, we understand that supply shortages, patient safety and protecting your communities are at the forefront of your minds. To help healthcare providers navigate this complex situation, Lumere and GHX are providing complimentary access to Lumere’s COVID-19 analyses, as well as our entire device and drug research library until April 30, 2020. 

Please share your information in the form provided to receive complimentary access. Feel free to also share the link with others within your organization who may benefit from this resource. Our goal is to ensure providers have the latest information to make the most informed decisions on behalf of patients during this challenging time.

Thank you for all you do to provide life-sustaining and lifesaving supplies and care for your community. Stay safe and well!


Complimentary Access Available

Until April 30, 2020

expert_hands_300x300Lumere’s COVID-19 analyses provide:
  • At-risk product alternatives: Healthcare providers are enabled to quickly identify alternatives when products or drugs are in short supply.
  • Guidance from public health authorities: A compilation of the latest guidance from authorities regarding supplies, care and transmission prevention for patients, as well as information on current antiviral and vaccine development.

Get complimentary access

to Lumere's COVID-19 analyses until April 30, 2020